When we talk about Cityworks AMS or Cityworks PLL, we are referring to the core GIS-centric platforms that support your asset management and community development operations. Our goal is to support critical business workflows at every level of your organization and across multiple departments. However, we also recognize that your field inspector doesn’t need access to the same tools your warehouse manager uses.

Over the past two years, we’ve focused on developing specialized applications that support unique user experiences and defined workflows. Here’s a sampling of the latest Cityworks applications.


Screenshot of Cityworks mobile native apps 7.0

Mobile Native Apps 7

The Cityworks native apps, which are available on both iOS and Android devices, cache data locally on the device. This allows field crews to conduct inspections, investigate service requests, perform maintenance, and complete PLL tasks even out of network range. The latest version of the apps includes seamless integrations with Esri apps, expanding your out-of-the-box functionality. For example, field users can easily access Collector for ArcGIS from the Cityworks native mobile apps to capture or edit an asset in the GIS.

Screenshot of Cityworks Respond 1.6

Respond 1.6


Take the Cityworks work management functionality into the field. With the help of a continuous network connection, Respond helps field crews maintain continuous, real-time updates from their tablets. Respond also gives users the power to create and manage aspects of Cityworks from a remote location. The latest version includes advanced search options and the ability to capture digital signatures on inspections and PLL tasks. 

Screenshot of Cityworks Operational Insights


Operational Insights 1.3

Operational Insights provides organizations with a means to identify and assess high-risk assets and to establish maintenance strategies to increase their lifespan. Although the application requires strategic planning on the part of the organization, the benefits of the ongoing risk assessment and prioritization are clear. With its tie to Insights for ArcGIS, the calculated results can be displayed on a map so capital improvement funding can be prioritized and applied more accurately.

Screenshot of Cityworks Performance Budgeting


Performance Budgeting 1.3

When you track work progress against desired or anticipated levels, you can better promote crew accountability and efficiency, improve data quality and material tracking, and provide administrators with reliable indicators for infrastructure management. Performance Budgeting supports activity-based budgeting reconciliation, year-to-date tracking, and annual and daily budget projections. The latest version of the app includes new preferences to support dynamic cost codes, as well as setting options like workday hours and budget ranges.

Screenshot of Cityworks Public Access inspection scheduler tool


Public Access 4.1

Cityworks PLL continues to expand functionality to help communities streamline their permitting and code enforcement processes. The Public Access application allows PLL users to create customizable landing pages that enable residents and contractors to request and schedule inspections with the help of an easy-to-use calendar interface. Once an inspection is scheduled, the user receives a confirmation of the calendar appointment.

Screenshot of Cityworks Storeroom


Storeroom 1.2

Our warehouse management application is designed to track materials and transactions in a secure environment. As part of a holistic public asset management platform, Storeroom can help organizations reduce material costs, improve inventory levels, and better inform budgetary needs. Storeroom supports barcode scanning and other methods of automated warehouse data collection. Storeroom is also fully integrated with Cityworks Analytics to enable more detailed, visual reports.

Screenshot of Cityworks Style


Style 1.1

This application allows Cityworks administrators to customize other Cityworks apps. With the help of Style, Cityworks admins can modify what each group or end user sees so it pertains to their operational needs. Style was released in 2018, so be sure to visit MyCityworks to explore everything it can do. 

Screenshot of Cityworks Workload

Workload 1.1

For supervisors who manage field crews and inspectors, juggling employee schedules can be a daunting task. Workload gives supervisors a simple yet powerful interface for reviewing, assigning, and modifying work activities. The application includes a dynamic map interface and allows managers to interact with PLL cases as well as AMS work orders and inspections.

Screenshot of Esri Insights ArcGIS displaying data from Cityworks Analytics


Analytics 3.0

Although it’s not an application, Analytics 3.0 deserves its own special mention. Cityworks Analytics uses Esri’s Insights for ArcGIS® to analyze Cityworks data models created for work orders, service requests, inspections, Storeroom, and PLL. Together, Cityworks Analytics and Insights for ArcGIS can help you easily visualize Cityworks data with simple yet powerful data visualizations, from real-time maps to dynamic charts and graphs.

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