DigEplan cloud, fully integrated electronic plan review for Cityworks PLL enables efficient permit application processes for states, counties and cities. DigEplan is configured in days and removes the need for paper, desktop PDF mark-up tools and complex third-party standalone applications.

Business Continuity | Remote permitting & electronic plan review

In conjunction with Cityworks PLL, DigEplan supports COVID-19 business continuity with rapid implementation that enables remote working for permit counters.

  • Review, collaborate and keep plan review on track with cloud-based DigEplan
  • Assurance of continuity of vital services from your Cityworks PLL investment
  • Fully integrated to Cityworks PLL ensuring an efficient plan review process

Desktop based PDF mark-up tools and complex third-party standalone plan review systems create significant inefficiencies and barriers to social distancing and home working.

DigEplan for Cityworks is fully integrated, embedded in your workflows and familiar Cityworks screens, delivering a new level of governance and efficiency for electronic plan review.

Cloud based DigEplan is accessed from your Cityworks platform, through a standard web browser. This ensures that all stakeholders can continue to support critical services, whilst away from the office.

DigEplan for Cityworks is pre-configured, significantly reducing implementation times.

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DigEplan Joins the Cityworks Partner Network

DigEplan, a global leader in fully integrated electronic plan review, is the latest solutions provider to join the Cityworks Development Partner network. Deployed in days, the DigEplan and Cityworks PLL integration allows city and county permitting agencies to provide seamless customer service while adhering to COVID-19 rules. “Communities are looking for ways to simplify complex …