Safe Software delivers FME, the data integration platform with the best support for spatial data worldwide. Whether you need to extract, transform, load, integrate, validate, or share data, FME’s intuitive interface automates your workflows and eliminates coding. Connect data from 450+ systems, including GIS, CAD, database, geospatial, BIM, 3D, point cloud / LiDAR, raster, XML, and cloud. Since 1993, FME has helped over 10,000 organizations maximize the value of their data.

How Does FME Interact with Cityworks?

Integrate Cityworks data with various applications to ensure you always get the results you need. Even generate work orders and update service tickets automatically so that those in the field always have the information that they need.  

Connect and integrate your key business systems. With FME you can migrate your Cityworks asset and location data into other systems for further analysis. Transform your data along the way using a drag-and-drop transformer to ensure your data is fit for your needs. FME can help you integrate with systems including: 

  • Asset Management & Capital Planning 
  • Permit Systems
  • Taxation Systems


What is FME

Cityworks + FME Resources

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