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A System of Action for Water and Wastewater
Cityworks, Trimble Unity, and Telgo family of sensors provide a powerful GIS-centric solution for intelligent asset management.
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Transform Your Public Asset Management

Cityworks is where local governments and utility agencies go to get work done.

We designed the leading web GIS-centric enterprise asset management system to manage, track, analyze and score your infrastructure assets.

Completely integrated with Esri® ArcGIS®, Cityworks helps you fully leverage your authoritative GIS data and provides a total solution to improve your agency’s operational effectiveness. We are in the trenches with you – helping you build safe, resilient, and smarter communities.

Enable the power of where

Asset Management

Leverage Cityworks and ArcGIS® to transform your public asset management.

Work Management

Track your maintenance from complaint to completion.

Community Development

Streamline your permitting process and communicate effectively with stakeholders.

Operational Insights

Use GIS data to monitor risk and inform capital investment decisions.

Industry Solutions

How we Empower GIS Intelligence

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Cityworks AMS

You need to provide sustainable services to your customers while maintaining assets in a cost-effective manner. Cityworks AMS is designed to help you manage public assets and their associated data, work activities, and business processes.

Cityworks PLL

Designed to simplify applications for customers and streamline workflows for staff, Cityworks PLL helps local governments and utilities deliver better service to their communities. Cityworks PLL integrates seamlessly with Cityworks AMS, allowing organizations to track the full life cycle of public assets and achieve greater collaboration across departments.

The GIS-Centric Platform


Use the ArcGIS geodatabase as the authoritative system of record for all asset classes—linear, dispersed, and condensed.

Take advantage of well-known data structure elements to integrate Cityworks with other business systems.

Support your organization throughout the entire asset management workflow: from data collection and work management to regulatory reporting and strategic planning.

Use ArcGIS tools for simple and effective location intelligence, supported by web maps and single sign-on access to Esri apps and analytics solutions.