Cityworks 2011 User Conference

MyCityworks has a webpage dedicated to the Cityworks 2011 User Conference. Log in to and navigate to the Resource & Download Center > User Conferences > 2011.

Similar to the 2010 User Conference site, the workshop reference guide allows you to hover over the workshop title to see a description of the session. New for 2011! We recorded the audio portion of every presentation and then added the audio recording to the PowerPoint presentations. The final product is a video (in lieu of a PDF) which can be viewed by clicking on any of the workshop titles. Send me your feedback and let me know what you think of this new format.

Ideas – Enhancement Requests

Wayne Hill revealed Ideas during the plenary session of the 2011 User Conference. Ideas was created to allow users to submit new ideas (enhancements) and review, vote, and comment on existing ideas. This new site allows Cityworks employees to hear what the users want and why they want it. The development team can then review the ideas and prioritize the enhancements based on reviews and comments. Users can also follow any idea or category to see new comments or changes in the idea status.

To access Ideas, log in to and click on Ideas.

Ideas can be added for the following categories:

All ideas can be voted on, but you can vote only once, although you can change your vote at any time. We encourage everyone to not only vote, but to share your thoughts about the idea in the comments section.

By Greg Walters, Customer Support Representative, Cityworks