Operational Insights

Insightful Strategies From Visual Information

Operational Insights provides organizations with a means to identify and assess high-risk assets and establish maintenance strategies to increase their lifespan. With its tie to Insights for ArcGIS, the calculated results can be displayed on a map so capital improvement funding can be prioritized and applied more accurately.

Strategic Decision Making

Use graphs and charts to create a clear strategy for improving your risk management and maintenance prioritization.

Visual Performance Budgeting

Properly allocate funding for capital improvement by using Insights for ArcGIS to visually display risk assessment results

GIS-centric Calculations

Operational Insights can be configured to use your GIS and asset data to calculate Probability of Failure (PoF), Consequence of Failure (CoF) and Business Risk Exposure (BRE) values.

Monitor Crucial KPIs

Cityworks Operational Insights provides a framework to help you define and track key performance indicators (KPIs) for your asset management strategy. These KPIs are calculated using GIS attribute information, maintenance data, management strategies defined by the user.

Flawless ArcGIS® Integration

Operational Insights integrates with Insights for ArcGIS®, allowing you to create powerful heat maps and graphics that demonstrate the results of the risk analysis. Now, you can more easily communicate risk and more accurately prioritize capital improvement funding.

See Operational Insights in Use

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